A Different Way to Help

Since it's beginning, KCH has relied for the most part on monthly sponsors and periodic, large fundraising events for the dollars we use to help destitute and deserving, orphaned Haitian young adults become financially independent and contributing members of their community.  Over the last school year though, we've been able to develop a new income stream that we hope to grow into a major source.  Do you drink coffee?  Do you know anyone who does?    KCH has partnered with Singing Rooster and local schools and clubs to sell organic, fair trade Haitian coffee.  Check out www.singingrooster.org.

Being a social enterprise, Singing Rooster keeps no profit from its operations.  Farmers earn approximately 66% from every bag.  The remainder is used for the expenses of roasting, bagging, shipping and warehousing.  This constantly innovative non-profit is creating jobs and transferring knowledge all along the entire supply chain and helping to reforest an ecologically devastated country at the same time.


School students and club members make a generous and passionate sales force for KCH collecting orders and payment over a set 2 to 4 week period.  Well designed, resealable, environmentally friendly bags of delicious, Haitian coffee arrive for distribution a few weeks later.  To great effect, teachers have used coffee sale campaigns as a spring board for classroom learning ranging from geography and cultural differences to retail economics and social justice.  Every dollar raised by KCH goes to our programs in Haiti.

With our 4 pilot events wrapped up and analyzed, we're now ready for full-scale fundraising.  We plan to approach more and more schools, groups and clubs until we're holding at least two events every month of the school year.  If you think you might know of an interested school, group or club, please contact me at dave@kidsconnectionhaiti.orgIt's  ready-made volunteerism opportunity.

KCH has come a long way in the past 9 years but there's still more to do with our refined and proven approach.  With Singing Rooster and partner schools, groups and clubs, we'll help more deserving Haitian young adults pull their entire families out of poverty. 

Dave Stephen