KCH's Water Students

Through education, KCH prepares Haitian youth for secure and stable lives. We are unique because we focus on the overlooked group of orphaned young adults. As you know, due to financial constraints, most Haitians are unable to complete their studies. Those who do  rely heavily on friends and family. Orphans tend to lack a robust family network. In those cases, KCH steps in and assumes the role of the extended family by providing tuition support, life skills training and job search assistance.

Among our general student population are a few who are funded by Water Charities Fundraising [WCF] specifically to pursue studies related to water resources. One benefit of our partnership with Water Charities Fundraising is that, together, we address the individualized needs of each water student. We help young adults with very limited options to learn how to improve the status of water resources in Haiti.

KCH has received WCF support for the past three years. To date, five students have benefited from the program. These students have all studied in fields related to water, including engineering, chemistry, education and medicine. Our first water student, Rony Octar, began his studies in civil engineering three years ago. He is now half way through his program. In a few more years, Rony will work to improve the water resources of his country. We are so proud of Rony and all of our water students. 


KCH Volunteer