We pull over, he throws up, still feeling terrible. A young man runs out of nowhere, pours water on his head and hands him a cloth to wipe his face and just like that he feels better. We thank the young man and continue on our journey. That simple gesture embodies the essence of Haiti to me. I have been around the world and I have yet to encounter people like the ones i grew up around in Port-Au-Prince. The spirit of service and community that is instilled in the Haitian soul is unparalleled. From the private truck owner who stops randomly and let's school children climb and  ride towards their destination, the old woman that offers you a place to sleep in a remote village near Grand Goave to the random mom that will defend you in the busy streets of Petion-Ville. People talk about our resilience, our rich history, and our strength but to be honest Haiti is still standing through it all because contrary to popular belief we support and lift each other. As a member of KCH's board, I vow to continue the legacy of my people and continue to show them the support that they've always shown me.   

Roberte Exantus