Current Situation in Haiti - An update from Jackson (Local Program Coordinator KCH)

My name is Jackson and I am the local program coordinator for Kids Connection Haiti. Many of you have asked about the situation in Haiti since the riots started two weeks ago and the country hit a humanitarian crisis. I'd like to give you a brief update on how our students are doing. 

I personally had a short phone call with almost all student during the days that the country was on lock down. Most of them let me know they are safe and doing okay. They kept themselves out of the dangerous areas. Some students were very worried because they didn't have access to anything (no food, no water, imagine that). Last Saturday Menesly (our social worker) and I tried to meet them but many roads were still inaccessible and it was hard to find a taptap (fuel is scarce) so we weren't able to see everyone. Yesterday we received some more of the students in the office. Basically, most of the students are taken care of, but unfortunately we haven't been able to reach everybody yet. We will continue to reach out and help where we can. We are grateful for the extra financial support we have received to donate food and water to our students.

In general, this week was much different than the previous one. Most businesses are open again and employees are back to work. The local traffic is functioning tentatively. Grocery stores and markets are open but they're running out of certain items because people want to buy everything they need in case the opposition locks down the country again. The schools' doors are still closed. We hope for classes to restart next Monday. Sadly there is still some gun violence in the streets. Our students and most people are very careful and try to avoid the streets where the demonstrations take place.

On behalf of all our students I want to thank you deeply for your kindness and your loyal support. We ask for your continued generosity so that our orphaned students can receive an education and create better futures, not just for themselves, but for their communities as well.

Please, keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. 


Jackson Prerius
Local Program Coordinator