A year ago, we made a bold promise. We were helping 30 orphaned students at that time. KCH had been successful with a 99% graduation- and 93% employment rate. It was the perfect moment to increase our impact. So we did. How?

With hard working staff,
dedicated volunteers,
and generous donors - like you.
The result?

We are sincerely humbled and grateful for this amazing result. 64 students are now fully enrolled in our educational program (high school, trade school or university) and an additional 36 are participating in our workshops and social work program. We are hopeful they can all attend full-time education in 2019. Can we count on your support again?

More 2018 highlights
With a 'focus on family', forty of our students now have one or more siblings in KCH. Eight students graduated, found employment or continued their education. A former student opened a preschool, another former student was elected employee of the year. For their community service, four students are teaching kids how to re-use and recycle. Three KCH students became interns at KCH, an American volunteer joined our Haiti team. Students participated at national and international conferences, girls attended 'No means No' workshops, and our monthly basic life skills and career development workshops  continued throughout the year. The list goes on, and on!

Now that the year is almost over...
Would you consider making a tax-deductible year-end donation? It is not too late...and rest assured that every single dollar makes a difference! Donate here. Dear friend, I wished I could sit down with you and tell you in detail all the progress you've helped make this year for each individual in our program. It is truly incredible! Let's keep the ball rolling...the best is yet to come.

The KCH Board of Directors wishes you a blessed 2019 filled with peace, joy and love.


Astrid de Vries - Founder KCH

PS: Your tax-deductible end-of-the-year gift for 2018 is still in time! Click here to donate, or send a check to the address below. Thank you!

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