Halfway There!

We hope January was as exciting for you as it was for us. Remember we made the commitment to provide education to 100 students in 2018? Guess what -- we are halfway!

How? With the help of many generous friends like you.
Why? Because the need is urgent.

In Haiti:
- illiteracy is as high as 60% 
- there are over 430.000 orphans
- orphans are the least likely to receive higher or professional education

With a graduation rate of 99%, our students are showing evidence that KCH works.

unnamed (1).png

Maxo Francois, KCH 2017 graduate.
Having no parents to support him, and coming from extreme poverty, Maxo entered KCH in January 2014. He lived in a simple house without water and electricity, but -- with financial support for education -- managed to finish a two year program in telecommunications. The monthly career development workshops came in useful during his job search before he became a business techniques specialist for the largest telecommunications company in Haiti. Maxo's success would not have been possible without your generous support!

Lourdia & Witchelle; New KCH staff.
We are very excited to announce the growth of our staff with two former KCH students. The two young ladies Lourdia (Diplomacy) and Witchelle (Law) have offered their services to the KCH team and are working on implementing a solid community service program, registration in Haiti, and out reach to local businesses and communities. As our program is growing rapidly, we will not only need to hire more staff, but we will make every effort to make the program sustainable by hiring staff from amongst our graduated students.

Just two examples of how KCH is affecting the lives of young people in Haiti. There are plenty more cases of young adults who came from total despair and who are now not only living more stable lives, but contributing to society as well. Thank you, for giving them something so impactful. Something which they had never dared to hope for. That's the effect of your generosity.

We look forward to hearing from you as we continue our journey to helping 100 students in 2018.


Astrid de Vries
Kids Connection Haiti