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Since the beginning of the program in Haiti, in 2010, fifty young adults have benefited from the KCH program. The KCH students attend various levels of education; university, high school and vocational educations. Twenty of the beneficiaries attended the micro-business training. KCH helps the students with all school related expenses in order to pursue their academic career. Registration fees, monthly tuition, exam fees, books, uniforms are all included and often also public transportation, housing and food. The majority of the students grew up at an orphanage and the others come from a situation of economic and social hardship. Every KCH student is required to give back to the community by helping others in need through organized volunteer work. Below are some success stories. Please help our students and contribute to more success stories by sponsoring a student. Imagine the impact of your contribution.

Lourdia in 1998.

Lourdia in 1998.

This is Lourdia today.

This is Lourdia today.


This is Lourdia when Astrid met her in 1998. She had just arrived at the orphanage where she would live her entire youth. Lourdia's parents died when she was very young and she came from extreme poverty. Lourdia and her siblings shared their childhood home with 500 other children - 20 kids and 1-2 grown ups in each house. Lourdia did well. She was a happy, quiet and intelligent girl and was appreciated by her peers.

Four years ago - Lourdia had left the orphanage and was living with her sister - she entered the Kids Connection Haiti program to study diplomacy. This year, she will graduate from the National Academy for Consular Affairs and Diplomacy. With her hard work, dedication and service to others, Lourdia is an example to all our students. We are extremely proud of her accomplishments. Just recently we received huge, exciting news: Lourdia was selected to do her internship at the UN head quarters in New York. An amazing opportunity! The chance to spend three months living abroad, gaining work experience at the United Nations and learning a different language fluently, will change the course of her future completely... Lourdia has the capability, strength and courage to do great things in her life. The UN internship will be only the first step towards an amazing future.



Miglaise and her two siblings lost their parents when they very young. Living with 500 other kids at an orphanage where she shared a room with 15 other girls, she soon started to care for the younger kids, and the seed was planted for her dream: to become a nurse. When Miglaise moved out of the orphanage, her situation became extremely challenging. Now she had a baby, but no parents, no diploma, no money. She lived in a tiny tent-like construction that only fitted a bed and a bucket. 

In 2010 she came to us for help, and she has been in the KCH program ever since. Miglaise never, ever complained. She focused on her goal and stayed positive, strong and incredibly resilient. She brought in an amazing amount of dedication and hard work. KCH paid for her educational expenses, like school fees, uniform, materials, exams, books and transportation. We are proud that in June 2014, Miglaise graduated. Currently, she is doing an internship at a hospital. Her dream of becoming a nurse has come true and being the bright and caring person that she is, she will surely have a great future ahead of her.

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Jackson comes from an environment of extreme poverty and hardship. He lives with his mom and five younger siblings in one of the poorest areas in Port-au-Prince. His mom is trying to make ends meet by selling fruit on the street and his dad is out of the picture. There is no money left over to offer a proper education to the kids. Their house is basic and sleeping spaces are to be shared. No bathroom, no shower, no running water…public latrines and water reservoirs are a five minute walk away. 

In spite of his background, Jackson managed to finish high school and attended university on a student grant. When the grant was finished, he came to KCH and we were so impressed with his community involvement and his achievements that we were happy to help him finish his studies: development science, specialized in project management and local development. Jackson has always been involved in community initiatives, often as a leader. Though struggling to get by, he became a volunteer and started a school to teach street kids reading and writing skills. He is extremely concerned about the environment and initiated a local project to protect the environment. During the years that we supported Jackson he has shown persistence, intelligence and leadership skills. When interacting with other students, he often takes a leading role. Jackson is eager to share his knowledge with other students such as a workshop on disaster preparedness, which he presented to other KCH students. Jackson graduated in July 2014 and is currently writing his Thesis on ‘Issues and challenges of grass root organizations in the process of community development in centre part of Haiti’.