20, 30, 40... 50 students in January? Let's do it!

It is Giving Tuesday. After Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is time for some good-doing. Doing good works on any day of the year, however this Giving Tuesday might be just the right moment for you.

Your support counts. Any time, and big time! Make a difference for young adults, like Katia, Stevenson and Johanne, waiting for support,  ready to start their education.

Your kindness will last way longer than just a given Tuesday.

With love,


Founder Kids Connection Haiti


Katia, 18 years old. Lost both parents during the 2010 earthquake. Lived on the streets for years. Thanks to your help, Katia is now living in a safe home and attending high school.

Stevenson, 18 years old. Lost both parents during the 2010 earthquake. Lived in a violent home for years. Now attending high school and living in a safe house with other KCH students.

Johanne, 25 years old. Used to live in a dangerous area in a shed without any furniture but a rug to sleep on. Now studying nursing and sharing a house with Katia.

Witchelle's Internship at the DR

Today is her last day in the Dominican Republic. A group of kids is lining up to hug her goodbye. KCH student Witchelle is returning to Haiti after a two month internship at the legal office of an orphanage in the DR.

Four years ago, we met Witchelle. She had lost both her parents at a very young age and lived with the family of a friend. They struggled to get by. There was barely any food. There was absolutely no money for education. Witchelle was smart, hardworking and, she had a dream: to become a lawyer and defend children’s rights. KCH offered Witchelle a way to follow her dream. With our financial support, she entered university where she studied law (and Spanish, on the side).

“It was a great experience to work at the orphanage! I learned a lot about the culture and the law process. Also, when I had some free time I helped the kids with disabilities, for example by giving them food or help them with therapy.”

Witchelle worked side by side with the lawyer at the orphanage. She helped with the registration process for kids without birth certificate. She also had the opportunity to work with another organization named ASCALA.


“This organization works in Labor Law and in registration of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. From this work, I am learning about the living circumstances of Haitian people in the ‘’Batey’’, the living areas of Haitians in the DR. I am very glad to work with this NGO. I feel closer to my compatriots by contributing to a work that benefits their quality of life. I am glad that I also studied Spanish – I did lots of translations from Creole into Spanish when Haitian people came to the office.”

In a few months, Witchelle will finish her final thesis. We are super proud of her and confident that she will be an excellent and compassionate lawyer for children’s rights!

Would you like to contribute to a successful education and professional career for orphaned young adults like Witchelle? Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor. Sign up at www.kidsconnectionhaiti.org.Thank you!


Do you remember your dream?

Do you remember your dream?


No, not the one that was interrupted by your alarm clock this morning. Your real dreams. The ones you had a kid. I remember wanting to become a doctor. Then an author, later, a gymnastics teacher, an interpreter… and so on. My goals and visions changed constantly, as I was growing up…but there was one dream that stayed with me. One that did come true.

Did you ever realize one of your dreams? How did you do it?

Personally I know that my biggest dream has come true, thanks to other people. Not just my parents – though they played a huge role – but thanks to a ton of people… including YOU.

See, MY dream was to help the orphans. You helped me to realize it. And the coolest part of it all? This whole dream is all about making dreams come true!

Thanks to you, dear sponsor, orphaned young adults in Haiti can realize their goals and objectives for a better future. Since 2010, 37 young adults have graduated out of Kids Connection Haiti and thirty of our graduates have found paid employment.

This is great, but we can do better. We can reach out to more orphaned, homeless and poverty stricken kids and help them move forward. That’s why this year, we’re going to aim higher.

In 2017-2018, KCH is committed to support fifty young adults with their school, housing and employment. Basically it means we’re doubling our program. Fifty young adults with a simple dream – to learn a trade and find a job.

All they need is your help. Will you spread the word, become a sponsor or increase your monthly donation? We’d be forever grateful. And we hope that all your dreams, and theirs, may keep on coming true.

With love,


PS: Please visit www.kidsconnectionhaiti.org  and click on ‘donate’ to make their dreams come true!